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Getting Your Wellness Program Started

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Employees are the most important asset of any organization and putting effort into supporting them with health and wellness can encourage better teamwork, increase productivity, and reduce sick leave.

INDEAL Cares is dedicated to helping you support wellness at work. We know that getting started can be the hardest part, so we’ve put together a Wellness Program Checklist to assist you in launching, creating, and supporting health-focused initiatives for your company – regardless of the size or scope.

Tips for Getting Started:

  • Communicate Often: Remember to actively share the intention regarding your plan to support workplace wellness with your teams. Continue to follow up with them to discuss ways you could work together to create better employee health as a company.

  • Be Consistent: If you’re committed to implementing wellness programs in your company, be sure to walk the talk. If you’re making workplace wellness a priority, you need to ensure your company policies and expectations are aligned with that goal.

  • Check-In: Once you’ve agreed on your company policies, goals and initiatives related to wellness, you’ll want to regularly survey your team to gather feedback on progress, and efficacy. Consider trying out different campaigns or initiatives each month, and then after your first six months, review the program, and find out what your employees think of each activity. That way, you can make edits and augment your plans based on what is working for your team.

  • Make Wellness Fun: Make wellness something that your team will want to commit to. Consider offering tips, incentives like prizes for participation or a random draw, and weekly or monthly corporate challenges – anything you can do to support the team for showing up and making wellness a priority.

Share Resources

Educating your teams on the importance of general prevention of disease factors is a great way to get started. That way, they’ll come to learn all the good reasons they need to pay attention to making lifestyle changes that will support their health. So, what are the overall factors that affect employee health, and what can you do as a leader to implement wellness support programs in your office?

Consider sharing resources available on the INDEAL Cares Living Well Library that speak to some of the educational reasons to commit to health – at home and at work.

Physical Activity and Spine Health: Staying active supports both physical and mental well being. This list includes publications on the importance of physical activity, along with rest and recovery, which are also essential to improving health.

Eating well is fundamental to good health and well-being. Healthy eating helps maintain an optimal weight and reduces risk of a variety of diseases. Here are some helpful articles that provide tips for eating well.

Managing Stress and Anxiety. We all get stressed and anxious, and these days, it feels we are all being pushed to our limit. It’s important that we learn how to manage stress levels so avoid burnout. See below for resources to help manage stress and make positive change to live well.

Once you’ve had a chance to share the many good reasons for employees to take control of their own health, you can begin to develop a customized plan for your company. Remember – you can do as little, or as much as it makes sense for your organization and your team. We’re here to support you, and to ensure you’re set up for success.

Click here to download our Wellness Program Checklist, and feel free to reach out to INDEAL Cares directly to discuss your specific needs and objectives as you move forward.


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