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Sharing Tools for Enhancing
Well-being in the Workplace 

Lead Well:

April is Stress Awareness Month! When asked; “What areas of your health would you like to improve?”, 47% of last year’s I Care Employee Wellness Survey respondents shared that they wanted to reduce their stress and anxiety – so we know that this is an important opportunity for helping your team improve their well-being. Read on for some great tips to share with your team.   

Content Worth Sharing

  • Check out Well-being and the Workplace of the Future. This blog post focuses on some key ways to effectively lead the development of a thriving workplace and workforce, regardless of role or level of seniority. 

  • Take a Breath: Introducing Cyclic Breathing. New research suggests a daily, five-minute breathing practice can effectively help manage your stress. It’s called cyclic breathing, a breath work practice that is also known as the physiological sigh. It proved to be more effective at improving mood than mindfulness meditation and other breathwork techniques.   

  • Getting a good night’s sleep can greatly improve your ability to manage stress. Check out this great collection of tips for how to improve sleep quality, courtesy of our charitable partner, the American Heart Association. Encourage your team to try these out – and share their own internally. 

  • Meditation is a great way to manage your stress. Check out this Six-Minute Meditation, developed specifically for individuals who are at work.  

  • Building Stronger Teams Through Wellness. Did you know that “supportive communities” are a critical way for people to manage their stress? Consider creating new, fun, ways to engage with colleagues. 

    For more resources that you can share with your team, reach out to Stefanie Ince, Executive Director for complimentary consulting on how to support well-being at work. 

Stress Awareness Month

Support well-being at work by providing resources, tools, and links that you can share and promote with your team regularly.  Use this content to educate, inspire and lead well by sharing it with colleagues, employees, and customers in any format that works for you. 

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