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Our focus this month is on healthy leadership, and the impact that leaders can have on the health and well-being of their teams.  This month, we’ll feature some of the publications that we’ve developed with you in mind. Read on for publications, tips, and actionable tools that will empower you to support your teams in health.   

This month we are also opening registration for INSPIRE The Workspace Leadership Conference. The first event of its kind,  INSPIRE  aims to help leaders future-proof their companies, support changing culture, enhance profitability, and improve well-being.

Attendees will explore positive impacts on businesses and teams for long-term sustainability through exceptional keynotes and thought leadership, engaging panel presentations, and innovative resources that INSPIRE a bright future for the workspace.

If you’re a leader in the industry, join us at INSPIRE. Submit a request to register here.  

Focus on Healthy Leadership

Content Worth Sharing

Inspire the Workspace 

Over the last year and working with our charitable partners, we have developed five Living Well at Work Guides. These guides were developed for organizational leaders, Human Resource professionals, and individuals who are responsible for the people within an organization. Our five guides focus on our four pillars of health, and how to get started with building your wellness program.  

Living Well at Work Guides

For more resources that you can share with your team, reach out to Stefanie Ince, Executive Director for complimentary consulting on how to support mental health at work.