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Register to Be a Distribution Partner

By taking advantage of this Distribution Partner Opportunity, you’ll receive: 

  • Access to your organization’s specific results benchmarked against overall industry results; 

  • A complimentary company-specific assessment report of findings that will provide a better understanding of your organizational culture and employee well-being; 

  • A one-on-one consult with INDEAL Cares to review specific findings and discuss next steps.  

  • Access to the Distribution Partner Toolkit, which provides messaging to share with your team, promotional materials, posts, and images that highlight your role in your network. 

This year’s survey will be securely hosted by our work experience data provider, Align. All collected data will be completely confidential. Participation is free. Get valuable insights that will allow you to invest organizational time and resources in the areas that are most important to your team – and show them that you care about their well-being.   


To secure your space as a Distribution Partner, complete the registration form by the deadline of June 19, 2023 and we will handle the rest.  

Questions? Email Stefanie Ince, Executive Director. 

Employee Wellness Survey 2023

The I Care Employee Wellness Survey is an annual initiative designed to better understand how organizations can effectively support healthy workplace communities within the commercial furniture industry, now and into the future.  

We are providing the opportunity for companies to survey their teams directly by signing up to be a Distribution Partner. Your organization’s results will not only feed into the larger knowledge base regarding the health of the industry - but will also provide specific insights into your team’s well-being – including health needs, professional development goals, and overall engagement.  

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