Take the I Care Employee Wellness Survey - Supporting Work Toward a Healthy Life

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The I Care Employee Wellness Survey is an annual initiative that aims to better understand the health and well-being of individuals working in the commercial interiors industry. Now in its third year, the latest survey will be securely hosted by our work experience data provider, Align.  All collected data will be completely confidential. 

As an individual working in the industry, your input is important.  

Survey insights will be developed into a summary report that will inform the programs and services that will be rolled out for the benefit of people in the industry.  


To further promote this important effort, we will be offering three Amazon gift card prizes to support your well-being needs. These prizes are valued at $500, $250 and $100 USD, drawn at random after the survey closes on June 30, 2022. See the Contest Rules and Regulations here.

Thank you for your support.