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Leading Well in 2022

A new year signifies a fresh start; a way to begin doing things differently. The stress and burnout experienced over the last two years is more pronounced than ever before, causing many to question their priorities - at home and at work.

We know that engaged employees remain in their jobs longer, perform better, and are less likely to experience burnout, so what is the best path forward for leaders in the industry who want to ensure their employees stay motivated, despite the many challenges we are all living with now?

Here are three things you can do to ensure your teams are connected, inspired and getting what they need – regardless of whether they are working in the office or from home:

Prioritize Mental Health

Every organization’s health and wellness plan should include a focus on mental health. We’ve all been through a lot – and now, more than ever, employees are looking to their employers for guidance, resources, and most of all – understanding. Prioritizing mental health includes talking about it openly with your team, providing tools and support that demonstrate your commitment to mental health, and access to expert led sessions and spaces that encourage open communication and an opportunity for your employees to talk, process issues, and learn from each other. Our Living Well at Work Guide – Supporting Mental Health at Work – provides a variety of tools to help you get started.

Connect and Lead Authentically

Our shared pandemic experience over the last two years has changed the dynamic at work, providing a new opportunity to open the lines of communications to encourage honest conversations between teams, customizers, and colleagues. Creating and fostering a workplace where employees feel trusted, and where leaders can be transparent about their feelings and intentions - both positive and negative - will build stronger connections and loyalty. When individuals see their leaders being authentic - asking for honest feedback and acknowledging difficulties clearly – it will inspire them to do the same and creates an environment where everyone can be their true selves.

Clarify their Purpose

Employees - and organizations - are eager to move beyond the uncertainty of the past couple of years, and the workplace is an important place for stability. Many individuals have re-evaluated their priorities during the pandemic and have found a sense of clarity about what is important in work and in life. Through this new lens, they are certain to consider how their organization’s purpose and values align with their own.

Show your employees how and why their work matters – creating the connection between the work they do and your organization’s greater purpose. If they crave a new challenge or voice that they aren’t satisfied or inspired by their work, help them identify new development opportunities. Ask them to collaborate with you – and others - to establish your organizations’ Wellness Committee – and work to determine what it will look like, and how it can make a difference in the lives of your staff, and customers.

Remember what is most important to your organization – its people. Heading into 2022 with a commitment to flexibility and authenticity – and working hand in hand with your employees to create something that is unique, and customized to their needs, will not only benefit your business – it will forever change the workplace.

Reach out to INDEAL Cares today to ensure you’re leading well in 2022.



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