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Annual Industry Employee Wellness Survey Results Indicate Improvement in Well-being

The fourth annual I Care Employee Wellness Survey, which included input from hundreds of people from the commercial interiors industry, revealed good news in terms of overall well-being in the industry. It also revealed opportunities for employee engagement, product development, and improvements in the physical workplace.

The survey, which ran from June - July 2023, was an opportunity for individuals to provide a self-assessment of their overall well-being and highlighted a number of important insights – including new trends regarding mental health, physical health, and details on preferred work environments, including how companies can demonstrate a commit to their teams. The survey was hosted by work experience data provider, Align. A variety of roles, organizations, and levels of experience within the industry were represented:

  • 32% Dealers

  • 17% Manufacturers

  • 13% A&D Firms

  • 20% Independent Rep Group

  • 17% Consultants

  • 1% Other Positions in the Industry

The Way We Work

When asked the question: “Which of the following best describes your CURRENT working situation?”

  • 27% said: “I am working entirely remotely, WITH a designated workspace devoted only to work and work-related activities” (vs. 26% in 2022)

  • 33% shared; “I am working entirely remotely, WITHOUT a designated workspace dedicated to only work and work-related activities” (vs. 16% in 2022)

  • 26% said; “I am working some hours remotely and some hours in my employer's facility” (vs. 34% in 2022)

  • 14% said; “I am working entirely on-site at my employer's facility” (vs. 24% in 2022)

Survey Highlights:

Self-Reported Mental Health has Improved Over the Last Year

When asked; “How would you describe your mental health over the past 12 months, on average?”

66% of respondents reported that their mental health was either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’, which is in line with responses received in 2022. However, when we asked; “What areas of your health would you like to improve?” we saw positive improvements in mental health assessments:

  • 35% said: “Reduce my stress and anxiety” (down from last year’s number of 47%)

  • 27% said “Improve my mental health to feel happier” (down from last year’s number of 37%)

  • 18% said: “Enhance the quality of my sleep” (down from last year’s number of 41%)

When we asked; “Work can have its ups and downs. What level of contribution does work have towards your mental and emotional health?” 16% of respondents reported that work ‘somewhat’ or “very negatively” contributes to their mental and emotional health. This number has improved from 23% in 2022.

Self-Reported Improvements in Physical Health

When we asked; “How would you describe your movement in your workspace on average over the past 12 months?” 68% of survey respondents described their movement in their workspace as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ which is in line with the responses we received in 2022 (67%).

However, when we asked: What areas of your health would you like to improve?

  • 29% of respondents said, “Become more physically active and/or exercise more regularly” (an improvement from 43% in 2022)

  • 35% of respondents said: “Improve my diet and/or lose weight” (down from 41% in 2022)

Spine Health Has Declined

Even though individuals self-reported better mental health and physical health than the previous year, we saw a decline in spine health over the past 12 months.

  • 77% of respondents said they are currently experiencing back or neck pain, a significant increase over the 2022 results (53%)

  • 75% of respondents confirmed that their back or neck pain has worsened since the start of the pandemic (versus 67% in 2022)

How To Demonstrate Your Commitment to Well-being

When we asked the question; “How has your employer demonstrated their commitment to wellness over the last 12 months?” the following were the top three answers:

#1. Provides and/or supports a physical workspace that is supportive of all employees and workstyles. This may include private pods and/or spaces that support a neurodiverse workforce (39%)

#2. Encourages and supports social gatherings with the team (39%)

#3. Invests in training and professional development (34%)

3 Ways to Improve Wellness in Your Workplace

  1. Focus on Spine Health Invest in furniture, resources, and strategies that support increased movement and spine health. This includes the promotion of policies that encourage movement and the reduction of screen time.

  2. The Workspace Matters Invest in the physical workspace. Your employees will appreciate it, and it will impact their health outcomes. Focus on furniture and support for all types of workspaces – including resources for employees working remotely.

  3. Invest in the Employee Experience Find ways to bring your team together and socialize – in person or virtually. And make sure you invest in their professional development – it will build trust, and will help keep your employees engaged.

INDEAL Cares is committed to supporting employee well-being in the workplace. We can provide further tips and tools to help you begin to have meaningful conversations with your team about their well-being – including ways to improve engagement and provide tools for social interaction and professional development. Stay tuned for more survey results!



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