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IC Blog: Giving Back through Wellness

Spotlight On: Carol Keogh, Executive Committee Member, INDEAL Cares

A lifelong champion of health, Carol Keogh is a firm believer in the impact made by empowering individuals and teams with resources to support wellness. As a leader, she has experienced firsthand how significant an investment in health-based initiatives can be when it comes to enhancing employee productivity.

A familiar face in the commercial furniture industry, Carol was CEO of ESI Ergonomic Solutions for 18 years before a strategic sale to Fellowes at the end of 2017. During her time with the company, she built and managed a sales channel of 125 representatives that produced record revenues calling on 1600 dealers in North America. ESI remains an industry leader in ergonomic work tools that enhance productivity and wellness.

When invited to join the Executive Committee for INDEAL Cares, Carol didn’t hesitate in accepting the offer, and shared, “I care about the industry that was so good to me and my business, and I want to give back with my time”.

The average employee spends 90,000 hours – or one third of their lifetime – at work. INDEAL Cares believes that healthy employees – physically and mentally – are happier and more productive overall, driving their mission to improve wellness locally and globally, starting at work.

Through relationships with healthcare leaders, charitable partners, and industry experts, INDEAL Cares develops customized, actionable tools and resources that support and unite the industry in four pillars of health: Active Living, Mental Health, Disease Prevention and Spine Health.

Having recently received official charitable status, INDEAL Cares has ambitious plans for the months and years ahead, and Carol is passionate about her role in helping to empower the industry; INDEAL Cares. is focus on the needs of those individuals working in the commercial furniture industry and is dedicated to supporting a healthy work life – which, in turn will lead to happier, healthier lives overall”.

To learn more about how you can get involved with INDEAL Cares, and how to engage your team in wellness, connect with Stefanie Ince, Executive Director at


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