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Well-being for a Sustainable Workforce 

The term strategic enrolment management refers to a long-term process that engages students from the time they are prospects to the time they graduate. The thinking is this: if an academic institution attracts and admits the right students and supports their success throughout their student life cycle, the process is better for everyone. Years ago, I served as the Director of Alumni Relations at a post-secondary institution and worked hand in hand with the recruitment and admissions department. Because, if we brought on the right student, they would eventually become the ideal alumnus.

A similar approach can be applied to the Employee Life Cycle, a model used to identify and express the most important stages a person goes through as they engage with their organization. There are six distinct stages at play: attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and eventually…separation.

Never before has a company’s HR – or ‘talent’ - strategy been as essential to overall success as it is now. When we talk about the long-term sustainability of an organization, the most obvious and critical element is its people. Organizations that are interested in long-term, sustainable profitability, and success are the ones investing in their people, beginning even before their prospects are in the door. The cycle begins with creating a work experience that will attract people – ultimately delivering a positive experience consistently – one that will keep top talent successful and happy – building a better business and a stronger workplace over the long term.

Over the last three years INDEAL Cares has conducted an annual survey to better understand the needs of people in the industry. Our initial survey originated because we wanted to understand the health and well-being needs of those whom we aimed to serve, in line with our charitable mission. The survey was a great way to validate our pillars of health and make investments in health-related causes that were in line with industry needs.

Over time, that survey has evolved into something else. In addition to surveying the needs of individuals based on our four pillars of health, we are focused on what people want from their workplace – or any workplace - in order to be healthy, happy, fulfilled, engaged, and productive.

The basic blueprint for the long-term sustainability for the people side of the business; what you need for attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent, is this: you have to care about them, invest in them, and give them what they need in order to succeed.

INDEAL Cares has been supporting the health and well-being of people in the commercial interiors industry since its inception in 2020. We’ve witnessed the evolution of the changing dynamic and a new focus on well-being as an essential pillar in the workplace of the future.

This is What Employees Say They Need in Order to Feel Connected, Supported, and Engaged at work:

  • Flexibility in how and where they work

  • Training and development, opportunities to help them to learn and grow

  • Opportunities to connect with others and build their work community with clients, colleagues, and customers

  • Resources to support their health and well-being goals to help them to live better

Check out our Healthy Leadership section online to learn more about what you can do to provide resources to support your team.

Build a Sustainable Future by Investing in People

You have the power to transform the workplace experience to improve well-being and ensure the long-term sustainability of your workforce. The I Care Employee Wellness Survey is an annual initiative designed to obtain feedback to understand better how organizations can effectively support healthy workplace communities within the commercial furniture industry, now and into the future.

Get unique insights on the specific needs of your team by signing up to be a 2023 Distribution Partner – allowing INDEAL Cares to share the survey with your team. Your organization’s results will not only feed into the larger knowledge base regarding the health of the industry - but will also provide specific insights into your team’s well-being – including health needs, professional development goals, and overall engagement.



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