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The Role of Leadership in Health

Strong leadership is essential to the success of all aspects of your business, and workplace health is no exception. Leaders exert a powerful influence over workplace culture, and research has shown that leadership support for worksite wellness promotion results in improved health outcomes.

INDEAL Cares’ recent Employee Wellness Survey revealed that employees think it’s important to see their organizations as being committed to wellness – and in fact 97% of respondents felt that their organizations were committed to workplace wellness. We also know that employees who feel encouraged by senior management to participate are more likely to report positive outcomes. In fact, the survey showed a connection between the perception of an employer supporting workplace wellness, and an individual’s positive assessments on mental and physical health.

This provides leaders with an extraordinary opportunity to fundamentally change the way their employees live and work – and the overall quality of their lives.

Leaders can support health promotion efforts in the office by:

· Establishing a clear vision and plan for the overall program

· Connecting programs and policies to business goals

· Leading by example in a visible and sincere way

· Engaging multiple levels of leadership in key communications

· Providing the necessary resources for support

Top Tips for Leading Your Employees in Health

· Develop a health promotion mission

· Make well-being a central business goal

· Show senior leadership participating in health activities

· Communicate goals and activities around well-being from all levels of the organization

· Support programs by dedicating necessary time, money, and space

Taking these actions will help shape and maintain a healthy organizational culture. INDEAL Cares’ Employee Wellness Survey made it clear that Individuals working in this industry trust and appreciate their leaders. They believe their organizations are committed to health and wellness – and yet, over 40% of respondents identified areas of their own health and wellbeing they felt needed to improve.

INDEAL Cares is committed to helping you take the next step in supporting your organization in wellness. Download the Living Well at Work Guides to start or improve your wellness program, and various ways you can encourage a healthy workplace today.


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