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Show Your Employees You Care About Their Well-being and Get Free Customized Employee Wellness Report

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Sign up to be an Employee Wellness Survey Distribution Partner

The I Care Employee Wellness Survey is an initiative that takes place every year in June with a goal to better understand the health and well-being of individuals working in the commercial interiors industry.

Survey insights will be developed into a summary report that will inform the programs and services that INDEAL Cares; the industry charity dedicated to supporting employee well-being, will develop for the benefit of leaders and organizations. This year’s survey will be securely hosted by work experience data provider, Align. All collected data will be completely confidential, and no identifiable information will be gathered.

Support the Industry Community by Becoming a Distribution Partner

To ensure the industry is well-represented and to provide the opportunity for leaders to understand their employees’ needs regarding health and well-being, we invite organizations from the industry to support this initiative by registering to be a Distribution Partner by May 6, 2022. Participation is free.

How it Works

By promoting the 2022 Employee Wellness Survey, distribution partners can demonstrate their commitment to supporting health and well-being and gain access to important information about their specific employee needs.

  1. Provide Your Employee Roster. Confidentially share your employees’ names and email addresses, and we will coordinate distribution to maximize responses once the survey launches in June.

  2. Encourage your employees to participate in the survey throughout the month of June 2022. We’ll give you tools to help get the word out.

  3. Promote your role as a leader of employee health and well-being. We’ll give you access to the Distribution Partner Toolkit, which provides messaging to share with your team, promotional materials, posts, and images that highlight your organizations’ role in your network.

  4. Learn about your employees’ needs. Once the survey has closed, we’ll send you a complementary company-specific assessment report and provide your organization with access to the Align dashboard to review their analysis.

  5. Access knowledge to improve health and well-being initiatives. INDEAL Cares will work with your organization to develop customized recommendations and an action plan that lays out ways to enhance well-being activities to improve engagement and health.

Inspire Healthy Lives at Work

By becoming a Distribution Partner, and supporting the I Care Employee Wellness Survey, you are joining a community that believes in the power of philanthropy and inspiring healthy lives at work – ensuring a stronger industry now and in the future.



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