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My Life Check™

A Tool for Measuring Health and Wellness  

INDEAL Cares’ charitable partner, the American Heart Association  has created a tool that will help you understand the specific areas of their health where you need support.

My Life Check™ is a self-assessment that examines several key areas of health to help you to identify areas where you can improve, including: your eating habits,  cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and physical activity.


Use the My Life Check™ Tool today to:

  • Obtain feedback on health and identify areas for improvement that you can begin working on immediately!

  • Benchmark and measure improvements over time.

  • Use the INDEAL Cares Industry Code: ICA001 to benchmark your health against others in the industry.

Begin your self-assessment: 

Please note: Your data is confidential and will not be shared. To read the American Heart Association Privacy Policy, visit:

For questions on the My Life Check ™  contact Executive Director, Stefanie Ince

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