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Make Spine Health a Priority

Each year on October 16, we celebrate World Spine Day; a day marked to highlight the importance of spinal health and well-being. With an estimated 540 million people in the world suffering from low back pain at any one time, it remains the leading cause of years lived with disability.

This year’s I Care Employee Wellness Survey Report revealed that 51% of respondents from the industry said they are currently experiencing back or neck pain, down slightly from 55% of individuals who responded.

“These results are consistent with larger research studies. Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability.” Said Dr. Haldeman, Founder of INDEAL Cares’s charitable partner World Spine Care.

“Some studies show that one-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. Spine Health is critically important to an individual’s ability to live and work well, and an important pillar in overall health”

Tips to Improve Spine Health


20-8-2 Rule

The ability to get up and move around is important for overall health. A simple way to remember this is the 20-8-2 rule: 20 minutes of sitting, 8 minutes of standing, and 2 minutes of walking, preferably away from your workstation.


Straighten Up

Straighten Up” is a 3-minute, easy to perform spinal health program designed to help adults and children prevent and manage spinal pain. It is a worldwide health initiative geared to improving posture, structural development and self-esteem. The vision of Straighten Up is very simple: we envision a day when everyone performs a short enjoyable spinal exercise module daily just as we brush our teeth. It has been adopted by many countries such as Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, and now Botswana.

The Straighten Up initiative is important because, in this technological age, individuals are increasingly experiencing greater levels of spinal discomfort and disability related to stress and poor posture.


Working Well from Home

Check out this article to provide guidance on how to make your home office a safer and more comfortable place to work here.

In addition to the tips outlined above, it is important to remember that spine health is connected to overall health. That means that physical activity, diet, and stress reduction are all key to managing spine health. Check out the Living Well Library for additional tips and tools for working and living well – at home and at work.

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