If you are a business leader and you want to provide tools and resources for your employees to build a healthier, happier work life, you’ve come to the right place. INDEAL Cares is dedicated to supporting workplace health by providing a number of learning resources:

  • In October 2020, we published the results of the first INDEAL Cares Employee Survey. The complete report, Working In a Changed World: Understanding Health and Well-being  in the Commercial Furniture Industry, is available to download here. 

  • Our Living Well Library aims to inspire, connect, and activate your commitment to living your best life and working well.

  • Plus, you can check out a list of resources and relevant publications below:

Active Living

Regular exercise as part of your job: it impacts the way we think.

Fitness Class
Mental Health

Gain invaluable insights about the current state of workplace mental health and stigma from this national survey of working professionals in the U.S.

Disease Prevention

Workplace strategies to prevent chronic disease

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Spine Health

Work-related risk factors for neck pain in the US working population