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The I Care campaign  is an initiative that is dedicated to bringing the industry together to improve the health and wellness of people in our community and those who we serve.

Through partnerships with charitable healthcare leaders and engaged industry experts, we empower healthy workplace communities by providing resources and tools to support the industry in four pillars of health.

Join us

Taking action will improve the health of our employees, demonstrate a commitment to wellness, and ensure our ability to recruit the brightest minds, strengthening the industry now and into the future.

You can choose to direct your donation toward the development of tools and resources for the industry, identify a specific charitable partner or health pillar, or simply invest where the funds are needed most. 

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You Can Support the I Care Campaign in 3 Ways 

If you care about the power of philanthropy and the impact of inspiring healthy lives at work,
then we invite you to join us. 

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Donate to the I Care Campaign as an individual or on behalf of an organization. 

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Host a fundraising event or re-purpose an existing event within your organization, with proceeds benefiting the I Care Campaign. 

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Learn how you and your organization can get involved. Contact Stefanie Ince, Executive Director today. 

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