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Healthy Spaces


One way to ensure a healthy workplace is a commitment to the belief that there are many different ways that the work ‘space’ can be configured to accommodate the unique needs of all employees. It is important that leaders remain open and committed to designing spaces that work for everyone. Healthy spaces mean different things to different people. Read on for resources that will help to create and sustain healthy spaces for all.  


Healthy Spaces Ensure a healthy workplace by accommodating the unique needs of all employees

Focusing on Neurodiversity
 – Featured in the  Living Well at Work Guide: Supporting Mental Health at Work



5 Tips for a More Inclusive Office – Featured on Nook Pod's Blog

Let’s Make the Office Workable for All – Featured on Nook Pod's Blog

Are you interested in learning more about what you can do to create healthy spaces for your organization? We can work with you and your team to identify specific unique needs and create a space that works for everyone.


Reach out to Stefanie Ince, Executive Director, INDEAL Cares today.

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