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Funding Priorities

INDEAL Cares is dedicated to workplace wellness in the commercial furniture industry.

Do you have a charitable organization that fits within one of our pillars that you would like to nominate to be a charity partner for INDEAL Cares?  We would love to hear from you. Read
on for details on how to submit, and our criteria

for funding.

We support our mission by supporting four pillars of health, including:


Charity Partner Submission Process

We look forward to receiving your feedback regarding potential charitable partners. Once we have received a submission, all charity partner suggestions will be reviewed. Proposed charity partners will be contacted directly for more information, including details on specific programs and services, charitable status, and recent financial statements.  All prospective charity partners will be required to fill out an application form.


Once the charity partner has agreed to be considered and has provided the required information, applications will be reviewed by the INDEAL Cares Executive Committee

Criteria for Partnership and Funding

All registered charities whose mission fit within one of our four pillars of health, who can confirm charitable status and provide required documentation will be considered by the Executive Committee.

Due to limited funds, funding priority will be given to those organizations with activities and programs that are focused on health in the workplace, as per the mission and vision of INDEAL Cares.

Decisions made by the INDEAL Cares Executive Committee are final, but applicants are welcome to re-submit applications.

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